All steel PVC flooring

Permanent pvc flooring

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◆ HDG 600×600×30mm ◆ HDG 600×600×35mm
◆ All-steel anti-static activities of the Shanghai Baosteel Group used high-quality alloy cold-rolled steel plate, the tensile spot welding after forming. The surface is sprayed with phosphating, the inner cavity is filled with foamed cement, and the surface is af with high abrasion-proof surface anti-static three-polyhydramine veneer (HPL) or PVC veneer.
◆ system has floor, truss beam, bracket composition. The truss girders and their own height-adjustable brackets are bolted together into a solid lower support system, with the floor inlayed in the square enclosing the beam.
Installation system height: 100mm ~ 300mm
1, all steel structure, high mechanical properties, carrying capacity, good impact resistance;
2, the surface electrostatic spray, soft, wear - resistant, anti - corrosion;
3, pasted the three polyhydramine veneer, wear resistance and anti-static performance, anti-pollution, easy to clean, decorative and strong;
4, high dimensional accuracy, interchangeability, assembly flexibility, convenience, long service life.
System resistance: 1 × 106 ~ 1 × 109Ω